The frequent abrasion and wear from a forklift in motion or the constant battering from heavy barrels …it's all in a hard day's work. Resurface spalled concrete or preserve and extend the useful life of new concrete floors with Trowel Epoxy. This protective topping is what you need for strong seamless protection when mechanical abrasion and impact are extreme.

The system consists of two components; 100% solid epoxy and aggregates. Suitable to level irregular floors. Can be installed hand troweled in confined areas or screed box and power troweled on open or big areas. It can be applied over concrete brick, quarry tile or steel. Biofloor is designed to provide durabilty while minimizing bacteria growth. It is ideal for areas that require moisture tolerant flooring system. It also can be installed in areas that require chemical resistant floors. You can design an unique color blend from 24 different colors.

Trowel Epoxy Characteristics Image


  • • Food processing
  • • Areas with heavy
    machinery traffic
  • • Warehouses
  • • Packaging Areas
  • • Industrial and commercial
  • • Shipping receiving areas
  • • Packaging Areas
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