When it comes to durability, no flooring system can top Epoxy Terrazzo. Its tensile and structural strengths are higher than its concrete substrate. Efficient in aggressive environments. Stain, scuff and chemical resistant are properties that designers and engineers have come to expect from Epoxy Terrazzo.

This flooring system is 100% solid, combines different granite colors, provides outstanding durability and wear resistance. Because of its durability, it provides a low cost flooring system in the long term. A wide variety of colors are available, allowing unlimited design patterns.

Epoxy Terrazo Characteristics Image


  • • Lobby
  • • Laboratories
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Clean rooms
  • • Cafeterias
  • • Corridors
  • • High traffic areas
  • • Schools
  • • Airports
  • • Hotels
  • • Hospitals
  • • Convention centers
  • • Government buildings
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