Epoxy Chips is a seamless decorative flooring system that combines long lasting protection with an aesthetic finish. Creates a terrazzo like finish. Installation is completed 50% faster than Epoxy Terrazzo which means huge savings in installation costs and less production interruption.

A 100% solid epoxy basecoat provides excellent adhesion and strength. The decorative aggregate is a vinyl chip with non yellowing properties. A light stable epoxy is used to seal the chip and protect the basecoat and chip from UV degradation. A polyurethane finish coat provides superior wear resistant and unsurpassed gloss and color retention.

Epoxy Chips are available in 24 different colors, allowing you to design your unique color scheme.

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  • • Hospital
  • • Surgery rooms
  • • Cafeterias
  • • Schools
  • • Laboratories
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Biotech industries
  • • Bakeries
  • • Medical device
  • • Animal care facilities
  • • Bottling industries
  • • Food processing plants
  • • Detention facilities
  • • Grocery stores
  • • Educational facilities
  • • Church floors
  • • Rest Rooms
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